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Pasture Raised Pork

Fresh and For You!

Our process for raising pork is time, and labor intensive. The meat from grass-fed pigs is higher in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also more marbleized than traditional grown pork, with a deep red color and a sweeter flavor. As such it is not a cheap product.  We generally charge $5/lbs for the hanging weight. Our pigs approximate hanging weight is between 150lbs and 200lbs. Butcher fees are paid by purchaser at time of pick up, or before delivery.  The butcher fees are $0.65/lb, and $50 kill fee.  You can pick up directly from the butcher at their facility when it is complete, or we will deliver the pork to your door for a $50 delivery fee. Sale Creek Custom Processing is the butcher we use. We will tell them your name and if you ordered a whole/half pig. Before we deliver the pig to them you must call and talk to them about the cuts that you would like from your pig. To reserve a pig, we request a non-refundable deposit per whole pig of $300 or $200 for a half pig. The remainder of the balance is due before pick up from butcher or at delivery (this is only the payment for the actual pig, this payment is not towards the butcher fees). The butcher does not cure or smoke any of the meat. If you would like your ham or bacon cured you can do it yourself, or you can ask the butcher other options for that meat. Here is a link for                       Here is a link for                          or you can search for one you like. Freezer space rule of thumb is 1 cu. ft. per 35 pounds of meat. So, half pig would need about 2.5 cu. ft. a whole pig would need about 5 cu. ft.  You should keep in mind that this would mean you have just enough room to stuff everything into the freezer, and it would be difficult to sort or find anything. More room is always better so you can find cuts easier. Buying a half/whole pig at bulk prices is by far the most cost effective way to get great-tasting, all natural pasture-raised pork. If you would like to purchase pasture pork please fill out the order form below.

Pasture Raised

All pigs are rotated on fresh pasture in the summer. They are given plenty of alfalfa hay in the colder months.  We do supplement with a blend of grain and minerals, but only to ensure that our pigs get the proper nutrition. They do eat mostly grass, but cannot survive on grass alone. They drink out of nipples connected to a barrel, so there drinking water is always clean.

Happy Pigs Make
Better Pork

  Our pigs run around and play with each other. They lay in the warm sun,  and wallow in cool mud puddles. They have a covered shelter to cuddle up in, or get out of the elements.  Our pigs are never penned up in a small confined area. They are free to almost do whatever they want.

Hormone & Preventative Antibiotic Free

We never use hormones, steroids, or non-therapeutic antibiotics on any of our pigs, and try to use natural remedies if a problem arises. If natural remedies don't work, we use veterinarian medicine, this is very rare.

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